Sunday, April 14, 2013

40K Chaos Daemons -- Baphemut and Cassandra

the happy couple

I have been carrying these models around for a couple years, always with this very design in mind, and today I FINALLY got it done!  Meet Baphemut and his lovely concubine Cassandra.  Together they will be playing the role of Greater Daemon (probably Keeper of Secrets, though I still have the classic (and best) 80s model of the Keeper around here somewhere) and/or Daemon Prince for my 40K Chaos forces.

you eyeballing me, boy?

I am a little distraught that in the 6th edition Chaos Marines can't summon generic daemons anymore -- it only seems proper that a magician should be able to pull a rabbit from his hat if need be.  But I suppose GW makes more money if you have to buy two new hardback codices rather than one.  But I digress.  (I've beaten that horse enough lately...)

notice her fingers -- for an older model, she's well scuplted.

I've also had this resin base for a while.  It is marketed as "the river of skulls" and if you squint you can see bony faces kinda forming in there, but the mold just didn't come out right.  I'm over it.  Makes a good snow scene I guess -- or better yet, the 6th or 7th circle of Hell (whichever was the icy one with heads sticking out of a frozen lake).

nice butt

I initially just thought this big brute of a monster would look bad ass with a hot chick for a girl friend, but when gearing up my DP I decided to give him a spell familiar, which she serves as nicely.  The monster is an old-school GW minotaur that I got at a big discount for being such an out of date model, and then girl is an old Dark Elves slave girl (notice the icy shackles), also a decade or more old.  I'm pretty happy with the paint job, though the blue crackles on his axe blade could have come out better.  My highlights and drybrushing tend to be rather subtle and probably don't show up well for the camera.  (Probably don't show that well to the eye either...)

is she showing off her pedicure?

I spent about 5 hours on this today, and that was after the base colors had been laid down a couple weeks back.  Time to rest my over-taxed eyeballs!

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