Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free Download: Fantasy Warfare Novella

I said back at the beginning of April that if we broke the 10,000 page views barrier on this blog by the end of the month, I'd offer a coupon code for a free download of my fantasy warfare novella, The Prince of Luster and Decay.  And, well, we've done it!  So...

Follow this link to and enter this coupon code when you're checking out: XW44G
You may have to open an account with Smashwords, not sure how all that works, but in the end you'll get a free ebook from me (in any format you like) and access to literally billions of words worth of indie author work. 

And if you enjoy The Prince, please don't feel guilty about writing a quick review for it on Smashwords (or Amazon, or anywhere else you feel motivated to do so).  Let others know what you thought so they can decide if they'd like to read it too. 

Note that this coupon code won't work forever though.  Everything has a shelf-life, including this deal.  This offer is good through May 31st.  After that the code will cease to function. 

Thanks for reading (and thanks for any reviews or sharing of this page)!

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