Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kickstarter Novel Update: “Sooner is Better than Later”

We are now on our 7th day of the Kickstarter forthe fantasy novel Tarnish, a fund-raising event designed to improve the quality of the book and get a copy in various forms to most (of not all) of our generous contributors.  Why do I keep saying ‘we’ and ‘our’?  Because everyone who contributes even a dollar takes a sliver of ownership of this novel and has a vested interest in its future!  

And so THANK YOU to those of you who have contributed thus far.  By day 2 we were at 8% of our final goal and at that rate we will have hit our mark by day 13.  Now, on day 7...  We are still at 8%...

Some of you have bookmarked the page or clicked “remind me later.”  But I am asking please that if you do intend to contribute to this cause sooner is better than later.  When a Kickstarter project begins to pick up momentum (meaning it gets a nice amount of contributors in a short time) it gets moved up to the “Popular This Week” section, and thus gets a lot more exposure to those browsing the site.  Otherwise it hangs out in the lower levels where few people will see it.  Obviously, the more exposure, the better.
So THANKS AGAIN to all who have and all who will take part in bringing this novel to life and I hope we will all have a successful, creative future together!

I’ll update again when we reach the halfway point!

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