Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Usual Suspects (part 3): Converted Chaos Characters (part 1)

Here's a band of Chaotic characters that I have made over the years.  They could be used for just about anyone, whether it be Lord, Sorcerer, or a Counts-As for a named character -- and that's about how I use them. This "Usual Suspects" installment will also be in two parts to cover all four characters...


First up is Doctor Faustus, who is my "counts-as" Fabius Bile.  Like all of these characters, he's made from a wide assortment of bits, primarily a Dark Angel robed body and possessed space marine parts.  His scythe-bladed rear arms represent the the multi-limbed contraption on Bile's back and give him +2 attacks.  His right arm is a possessed space marine claw/chainsword that stands in for the Rod of Torment and delivers Instant Death, and his toxic needler is a very old Eldar bit -- to be honest, I'm not even sure what it was supposed to be!  I think a flamer, but being an unidentifiable weapon makes it great for use as a unique needle gun for this character. 

In my fluff, Doctor Faustus is a victim of his own experimentation and has granted himself all the bonuses that Bile enjoys, from Feel No Pain to increased strength to his unique weaponry.

Notice he also has an alternate head!  I couldn't decide which I liked better so I magnetized it (which was a tricky operation with risks of destroying the model -- appropriate for Doc Faustus!).  I will eventually paint this guy shades of green and bone-white.  One of my Chaos Warbands is the Angels of Purgatory, a traitorous off-shoot of the Dark Angels whose colors are green and bone.  Doc was likely one of their Interrogator Chaplains before, using surgery and bio-experiments as a means of getting answers and "purifying" their souls.


I had a fancy name for this model and now have forgotten some of it.  Damn, should have written it down!  Last name is Ravenswing.  Also an Angel of Purgatory, this model can be my raptor champion or a lord/sorcerer in his own right.  (Probably a chaos lord but I lean toward sorcerer just because I imagine him having some kind of evil angelic powers.)  He's mostly Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard -- those models are awesome.  (I intend to make his some raptor companions wearing the creepy masks -- love those masks!)  His head comes from the Warhammer Fantasy Marauders box and his wings are Dark Eldar Scourge wings.  He definitely looks like a good guy hero who just became too caught up in his own righteousness and thus fell to Chaos.

I added some greenstuff to help hold the wings in place and hopefully look kind of feather-like to fill the gap.  Or at least furry...?  Maybe a very downy region, small soft feathers that betray his soft heart?  (Hell, I just suck at scultping on this scale, okay?)


I'll cover the next two models next time.  In the meantime, think about this: What has the Emperor of Mankind done for you lately?  Hmmm?  Think about it and get back to me.  I'll get you some of our Chaos literature.


  1. Converting characters is one of my favorite things to do. I never play a character that isn't my own counts-as since I don't play an established chapter/legion/clan/etc. I always create my own army from the ground up and part of that is the counts-as characters. So much fun creating their fluff and model.

    I like what you've done with yours. It's simple but effective, which I always prefer. It can be easy to get lost in detail and overdo something but you've hit the mark with these.

    1. Thanks, Thor. You don't have to worry about me overdoing it... I avoid adding too many accessories to models because I would then have to paint those teeny tiny accessories!