Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Land of the Rising Sun

It's 99% official at this point...  I have been talking to my detailer (that's Navy talk for the person who cuts the orders) this past week and I'm all but certain that next year I'll be moving to Japan!!! 

I've been there before, in my past Navy life where I was stationed aboard a cruiser and hitting the Pacific ports for two years.  Now I'll go back as a family man and be shore-based.  I'm pretty damned excited!  But there's one thing I'm not too excited about...

I'm thinking that we as a full house of people and things need to reduce our volume to fit into a Japanese home.  Which may mean... Giving up on 40K and my models, at least for three years.  I just have a hard time justifying the move of so much stuff, especially when I'm less likely to use them over there. (I know there's 40K in Japan but not sure I speak enough Japanese to get a game with the Sailor Moon kids out in town.)  It's a sad realization but at the same time somewhat of a relief.  I have too many irons in the fire now.  Maybe I'll come back better focused and, if ready to get back into the game at that time, I'll actually sit down with one army and get it cranked out and painted in a less than four year time frame.  (I've been back into 40K about 4 years now and, while I've accumulated a lot of models in that time, haven't really painted that many...)


  1. I was stationed on Okinawa and there was and still is a very active wargaming / roleplaying / CCG group based out of Kadena AFB. If you will be on mainland, I know visited a few hobby shops that carried 40K stuff. Which you can find by going to the GW website via chrome, selecting Japan, and then letting chrome translate the page for you. It's not highly publicized but several years ago all the books and rules were made free to download in Japanese to spark interest in the hobby. They have now generated enough interest that they published the latest books in Japanese also. I would suggest that once you figure out where you are going, you start checking to see if those bases have an active gaming community.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip, Kevin! We will see when the time comes and it starts getting to a matter of what i have room for and don't. Maybe I can whittle it down to one or two limited armies and just take that stuff and put the rest in storage. hmmmm, that's a pretty good idea. by the time i come back i should at least have those painted and developed!