Friday, September 6, 2013

The Usual Suspects (part 4): Converted Chaos Characters (part 2)

I've been doing a lot of multi-part episodes lately, huh?  Well this will wrap up Usual Suspects here, finishing off the last two of my converted chaos baddies.


This is Thorbolg Wolfsbane, renegade Space Wolf.  Whenever I want to field Huron Blackheart, Wolfsbane assumes his stats and powers (in other words, he's my counts-as).  He, too, is made from various parts, most of which are of course from the Space Wolf kit.  His evil power fist is an old-school chaos termie arm and his backpack comes from the possessed CSM kit.  The wolf head shoulder trophy is an old fantasy goblin rider's wolf head hollowed out with a drill bit, knife, and file. Took a lot of work but I like the result.

Thorbolg is one of my original Chaos heroes from my warband Prospero's Corpse, which was my primary 5th edition Chaos force led by him and Thoth, my Tzeentchy daemon prince.  The warband's core was comprised of units that had survived the Space Wolves' attack on the Thousand Sons' homeworld millenia ago.  I therefore ran Sons and Berzerkers, who were "feral wolves".  I have yet to make a 6th ed version of them but when I do it'll likely include a daemon ally so I can field flesh hounds as wolves too.  Thorbolg was a Space Wolf lord who's now gone over to Tzeentch, thus his random and limited sorcery powers, which includes the innate ability to cast fire (his in-built heavy flamer).

Finally, we have the Fallen Angels of Purgatory sorcerer Rasputin.  He was also once an Interrogator Chaplain for the Dark Angels succession chapter AoP and so good at his work that he began to develop the ability to read his victims' thoughts.  His latent psychic powers truly manifested with the Angels threw off the Emperor's suppression and he is now a powerful sorcerer of Chaos. 

I magnetized Rasp to be placed on a jetbike base, thus simulating him flying.  This, of course, makes him easy to shoot at so I won't likely use it, but I figure he'll have a jump pack (or just fly on magical currents) and be placed with a raptor squad, likely beside Ravenswing, who will be his right-hand man and bodyguard.  This model is a combo of Dark Angel and Chaos parts, his head being perfect for the role of sorcery, especially one who is a former interrogator. Someday I'll get around to painting him!  (Hopefully soon.) 


At this conclusion of my "Usual Suspects" chaos run, I am also deciding to back off the blogging habit a bit.  I enjoy it and feel a stressful duty to maintain at least a weekly blog, but in the greater sceme of things I realize that the time and efforts put into this could be better directed toward other, more important projects.  I still fully intend to maintain this blog, and my writing blog Fugitives of Purgatory, but probably not weekly.  (Hell, it's not like anyone will notice me not blogging anyway, right...?)  As I find time to work on models, play games, rant about the hobby (or other hobbies), and produce more sci-fi and fantasy written works, I'll certainly let you know.  But I can't do those things if I'm spending all this time working on the blog instead of working on things to blog about. 

So until next time...!

Oh yeah, so did you consider the Emperor like I asked?  What do you think?  Kind of a stuffy old asshole, eh?  Yeah.  Come on over to the Chaos clubhouse this weekend.  We're having a poetry slam and tea, followed by beers and a riot downtown.  You'll love it.

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