Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Raining Men

Inspiration and strange ideas seem to strike more often in the shower.  Such was the case today when I got a weird idea for a weird Warhammer spell and/or psychic power.  Actually, I imagine this as more appropriate for a WH Fantasy game than 40K, but I don't play Fantasy so I'll write it up in 40K lingo. 

(Disclaimer: As stated, this is kinda weird and purely for fun.  And what the hell, I have a blog, I might as well use it for stuff like this, right?)

For lack of a better name, this spell/power is called "It's Raining Men" (like that song by that one singer person). 

The wizard/psyker ambushes an enemy unit by teleporting an allied unit right on top of them! 
(This is probably a Telekinesis power in 40K.)  All units involved will make a Leadership test, as below:

1. First, the psyker/wizard makes their casting roll. 
   a.  The spell's range is 2D6" plus the wizard's leadership value.  Both target units must be within that range to the caster/psyker, though they need not be with each another. 
   b.  If the casting roll is successful, the friendly unit of fighters is immediately removed from the board (even if locked in combat), and placed into combat with the target unit.  They are counted as having charged in the Assault phase, though no Overwatch shots may be fired (as the enemy didn't see them coming).
   c.  If the roll is unsuccessful, the unit is still telelported but not where he intended.  Roll the scatter dice from their current location, always scattering via the arrow on the "hit" result and not reducing via the psyker's BS.  The friendly fighters are jerked out of reality and dropped from several meters above the ground to a new location.  All models take a single S3 AP- hit.  If dropped into Difficult Terrain, it counts as Dangerous on top of these hits.  If the unit would land on another unit, reduce the distance enough to drop them 1" short of that.  They then count as Pinned while they pick themselves off the ground (even if normally unpinnable due to Fearless or some other psychological reason).

2.  Next, if successfully dropped on the enemy, the friendly unit being teleported makes a Leadership check. 
   a.  If successful:  They fall on top of the enemy with the surge of adrenaline that comes from suddenly finding yourself falling through the sky into your hated foe.  They benefit from Furious Charge and Rage (so S+1, A+2 for this assult move).
   b.  If failed:  The shock of suddenly finding themselves falling from the sky straight into battle unnerves them, as you might expect.  They count as having made a disordered charge (so no A+1 for assaulting) and their Initiative is reduced to 1 for this phase.

3.  The enemy fallen upon by skyborne fighters makes a Leadership test.
   a. If successful:  They fight as normal but still do not get to make an Overwatch attack.
   b. If failed:  They are shocked by this ambush outta nowhere, suffer from Fear, and have their Initiative reduced to 1 this phase.

Note: Units immune to Fear still suffer other results and even units that normally pass Morale checks automatically must still make these LD rolls.  Also note that if both units are reduced to Init 1 they will go simultaneously slow.

I'm not suggesting anyone actually employ this in their games, it's just something I came up with to entertain myself while scrubbing the stink off myself.  But if anyone were to use it, I think it'd be the Orks.  This feels like Orky magic to me...

Another note: These are not Orks.  These pics were all taken from Time Bandits (for you young'uns who didn't know.)

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