Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lex Luthor 40K

When I was looking for Superman Heroclix images I saw a cool Lex Heroclix in prison orange, so I thought I might as well do up Kal-El’s nemesis while I’m at it.  He would have to be Supes’s opposite of course: all brains, no brawn.  So here’s my fun little 40K take on him.

Lex Luthor

-/ 3++

“Doomsday Machines”
     --  Force Field Projector:  Lex wouldn’t be caught dead without a little insurance.  He wears a force field projector that provides a 3+ invuln save.
     --  Death Ray: This hand-held ranged weapon is just what it sounds like.  It has two settings:
        * Tight Beam: Rng 18” S1 AP d6  Assault 1, random AP, Poison 3+
        * Dispersed Charge: Template  S1 AP d6 Assault 1, random AP, Poison 4+  

“Evil Mastermind”
     --  After all models are deployed but before the first turn, Lex’s player can redeploy D3 units.  These may also be recalled into reserve and given the Outflank special ability.
     --  Lex steals the initiative on a 3+.

“Diabolical Death Trap”
     -- After picking sides but before deploying any models, Lex picks one piece of terrain and booby-traps it.  This counts as Dangerous Terrain for the entire game.

“Technical Genius”
     --  Lex can repair vehicles he is in base contact with instead of firing a weapon in his shooting phase, just like a Techmarine or Tech-priest.  He succeeds on 4+.

“Reverse Engineering”
     --  Whenever rolling for Mysterious Objectives, Lex’s player can reroll the result and also force his opponent to reroll theirs.  (Thus Lex may adapt alien tech or have some Kryptonite stashed there!)

“Cyborg Thugs”
     --  Select one Troops unit.  That unit has been modified and granted Feel No Pain (6+).

* I could have done up the green battlesuit version but that’d be to much like Superman himself.
** Maybe he could even be moved to an Objective that’s come up Kryptonite and build a cannon that fires a K-beam?  Could be a bigger Death Ray vs. normal folks and a long range, 2+ Death Ray vs Superman?  Sounds like the game would be over by that time though (discover objective, move adjacent, build raygun, shoot superman...  Turn 8?)

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