Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chaos Chicks: Ladies of Slaanesh

I had a couple of nice finds at the game shops this past week, both of which were Reaper "Bones" models.  I remember when this line was on Kickstarter and I was tempted to get in on one of those awesome package deals, but I just didn't need the models.  I'd loved to have gotten a big box full but luckily my conservative side won out and I stayed out of it.  (I've had models yet to even open for years.)  Of course, now I know what I missed out on.

These two are my first Bones models and I must say, I like them!  Good quality, great detail, flexible (which is kinda weird for me) and cheap!  I paid $3.50 for one and $2.99 for the other!  You can't get one GW model for $7.50 anymore!  I also saw a nice pair of Fire Giants, one male, one female, that I really liked, figured I could use them for Daemon Princes or something but...  Again, level-headedness won out, didn't need them, didn't buy them.

So now, what am I going to use these two for?  Ladies of Slaanesh, of course.

You may have noticed that this model isn't all Bones.  It was a spider-centaur figure, the top half of which was a separate male-elf-looking figure with a sword and shield.  So I threw him in my bits box and used Dark Eldar bits to make my female spider queen.  Her torso and arms are DE Warrior, her head is DE Hellion.  The face has sharp teeth and dreadlock-like cornrows, which I think fits her well.

In game play, she could be a Chaos Sorcerer or Lord with a Steed of Slaanesh up-grade, thus she moves as cavalry and has outflank with acute senses!  I great sneaky, ambushing spider character!

The six-armed, twin-nippled daemoness will make a great Herald to lead my Daemonettes.  The Herald has a lot of options, including rewards, loci, and psyker levels.  A lot of great potential here.  This was a design I wanted to convert using various bits, but now I don't have to!  This is way better than anything I could cobble together.
Pictured below is another work-in-progress: reviving my long-asleep Keeper of Secrets.  This is the best Keeper that GW ever produced, the original 1980's model, and I've had her for over 20 years!  At some point in those two decades, however, I lost her coolest arm, the fist in a chainmail gauntlet.  Big disappointment there, but I'll use some ogre bits and see what I can come up with.  Here she is relaxing in a Simple Green bath.  My new paint job won't be quite as colorful as this first one.


  1. That's a cool conversion. My only gripe is the pistol, not very fitting for Chaos.

  2. Nice finds! They look like they have nice detail and they'll definitely stand out on the battlefield. I agree with Thor, I like the spider-sorcerer but it might be better to swap the pistol for a bolt pistol or maybe another blade.

  3. I understand both your stances on the pistol. It would be way more appropriate as a bolt pistol. Chock it up to one part laziness and one part uncertainty that splicing a marine hand onto that tiny wrist was going to work out. :) But thanks for the comments!