Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free SF, Fantasy, and Horror Stories on Wattpad

I've recently rediscovered Wattpad and am now trying to make the most of it.  It's a totally free site for reading whatever stories its members want to post.  And I'm really amazed at what I'm seeing there!  I actually signed up on it a year ago February and just now realized it...

I've now posted six short stories and teasers that are all free to read.  (You use Facebook to sign in, I believe... But what do I know, I'm a caveman?)

So check out what I have thrown up, it's all free of charge and obligation!  If you've noticed the book covers in these margins before and been curious, now is the time to investigate and see what you like.

Here's my profile page on there where you can find the freebie reads:


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