Saturday, March 15, 2014

Green Hornets: Eldar Jet Bikers WIP

Another project that's been off and on for years now and I'm finally making headway: my Eldar Jetbiker Gang!  These are, for lack of a better name, the Green Hornets. 

The only real technique bit to discuss is the stripes.  I decided to make a stencil to pull this off.  As you can see from the pictures, I started with a lined indiex card to make them as even as possible. I cut the stripes out with an exacto blade. 

Then I took that template to some artists' tape (like white masking tape sticks but easily removable, thus doesn't ruin what you stick it to) and again cut the pattern free with my hobby knife.  This I could then stick to the bike canopies.  I had to make two: one each for the left and right sides. 

The end result at this stage is kind of sloppy, but I'll use black and a small brush to clean them up.  Then I just need to finish making my bikers (each model will likely be unique) and paint them up. 

I'm also working on a Green Goblin bike for the unit warlock or special character models.  I've magnetized this 80's harlie canopy and the bike frame.  Only issue is that it's so heavy.  My bases are also magnetized and the weight of the lead harlie canopy topples the thing right off the stand.  Will have to work on this (probably glue the bike to a stand instead).  I've also ordered the new smaller flying bases to replace these older, wide-ass bases.  Can't be real maneuverable with these, though for weight and stability reasons I'll probably have to keep a bigger base for the harlie bike.

More to come!

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