Monday, March 24, 2014

Sod Off! Eldar Jet Bikes WIP #2

Here's some progress pics on where my Eldar Biker Gang is headed.

The above picture shows my mohawk biker expressing himself as he zips by the enemy.  I carved down a hand and added some greenstuff to be the rest of his fingers curled over.  It works but would work better if that middle finger were longer.

Three riders awaiting paint.  They'll be green with black jackets overall.  These are made from various buts from various Ages of the Imperium (I've been in and out of Warhammer since the 80s).

The Rifleman.  I think of him as on the hunt for trophies with his long rifle across his lap.

The unit Warlock.  An old Harlequin High Warlock biker and an old Harlie lead canopy. He has a DE Wych weapon in hand as his singing spear and he steers the bike by sheer willpower.  This model may also double as a Solitaire or Farseer on bike as needed.

Of course, I do have THIS Farseer model.  Or warlock with witchblade, as needed.  This model is truly Frankensteined out with bits.  He's got parts from the guardian bikers, a foot-sloggin' guardian's back, dire avenger sword arm and utility belt (making up his lower back), a DE Reaver head, and a dark elf corsair's chest piece.  And his core is all greenstuff, around which his body's been built.  I like his look, overall, especially the dome head with flailing ponytail.

* * *

It's been great working on minis this week, but Real Life is starting to notice I've been missing, so I'm not sure when I'll get back to them again.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I can at least get them painted up and finished as a unit.  

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