Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gone Viral: Typhus Conversion

In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, there is one servant of Nurgle, Chaos god of pestilence, that stands above all others as a vessel of disease and bringer of destruction.  I'm speaking of course of that man of contagious laughter, Typhus of the Death Guard.  The classic Typhus model is one of my favorites, but I figured I'd have more fun making my own.  (Besides, unlike a lot of Chaos players, I don't field him or any plague marines very often, so didn't really care to spend $22+ on a single model.)

I've had the old metal Chaos terminator lying around for a long time waiting to be used.  I actually have another one with an exposed face wearing a gas mask-like respirator that has a good plague-look to it, but the big tusks are way more intimidating.  The other main components are a grey knights halberd, a powerfist with the scrolls filed off, and the spikes on top leftovers from a seekers of Slaanesh kit.  And of course, some green stuff wound around in pock-marked tendrils.

Now let me check my painting schedule...  Hmm, yes.  Looks like I'll get him painted sometime late in 2032...


  1. Looking good. I think you should do some greenstuff work around his legs or on the base itself to balance things out a bit. He's just looking a bit top heavy at the moment.

  2. Good call. He could use more growing down on the lower half.