Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HUNGRY GODS: Superheroes, Zombies, and Kickstarter

Announcing the launch of my new Kickstarter project: Hungry Gods.

Here's the blurb on the book:

America’s premiere superhero team has been missing for days. So when a mutant monstrosity goes on the rampage, it’s Spitball to the rescue! He’s a third-string hero today, determined to be first-string tomorrow. And the Army may be giving him just the chance he needs. Spitball's been invited to undertake a secret mission into America’s heartland. What he’s about to discover, however, is not a chance at stardom but a horror movie come to life...
Hungry Gods is a fast-paced adventure of costumed heroes, government conspiracy theories, and flesh-eating zombies with sidekick-style storytelling.
Kickstarter is an entrepreneur website where you can chip in a few bucks to help an artist with the funding needed to complete a project, and then reap the rewards of the finished work.  In this case, you can get a variety of prizes (averaging out to a signed copy of the finished paperback novel) in return for pitching in to help pay for editing and other expenses.  Check out the Kickstarter by clicking the word "Kickstarter" or the picture above.  
THANK YOU for your interest and your assistance!  Even a dollar helps achieve our goal.  Project ends August 7th at 4pm Central time!  

And here's the complete book cover as it stands right now:

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