Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kickstarter Superhero Novel: Halfway There!

Our Kickstarter campaign is now officially halfway through and we're more than halfway to our goal!  So far we have $280 of our $500 threshold for success, which calculates to 56% there.  If everyone spreads the word to real and virtual friends who you think might be interested, it can help push this project over the finish line!

Here's the book description:

America’s premiere superhero team has been missing for days. So when a mutant monstrosity goes on the rampage, it’s Spitball to the rescue! He’s a third-string hero today, determined to be first-string tomorrow. And the Army may be giving him just the chance he needs. Spitball's been invited to undertake a secret mission into America’s heartland. What he’s about to discover, however, is not a chance at stardom but a horror movie come to life...

(But you can skip the video...  Not really worth watching.  Just read the stuff below it there...)

There are only 15 days left.  If you think you might want to be part of it but aren't quite sure yet, click the "REMIND ME" button on the site and you'll get an email in the last few days.

By chipping in you are not only helping to get this project completed to the highest standards, but can also buy ebook versions, signed paperbacks, and might even get your own name used as a character's secret identity!

THANK YOU for your support!

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