Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Fat Lady Sings of Victory!!!

Okay, that might sound like a 60's Cold War passphrase, but what it means is the campaign is over (hence fat lady singing) and we have not only passed, but done so at  236% of our goal!  (That's the victory part.)  
(Ginormous is a real word now, isn't it?  Holy poop, I just Googled it and, yes, it is…  That's kind of shameful…)
And at $1182, our first stretch goal, "Wrist Watch Communicators," has been activated.  So everyone who pitched in $5 or more will receive a Postcard Progress Report about the time I'm making the final revision.  
When might that be?  Well, I've started on the second draft now, but I'm also in the process of preparing my house to go up for rent and my family to move to (literally) the opposite side of the world.  So real life is in a major flux right now, but I'll be working on Hungry Gods even as I struggle through this chaotic period.  I'm hoping to be sending out those postcards sometime in November and getting the final book published and sent out to you before the year is out.  (But please forgive me if it ends up being a month or two later than planned.)  
And I'll be posting progress notices via Kickstarter as we go too.  Once I get a viable cover image going, I'll let you know and give you all a sneak peek.  You can also follow this blog for any other updates and news on the writing front.
THANK YOU all again for your generosity and faith in me and this project.  Very soon the young hero Spitball will be dodging zombies and raising hell for your entertainment!  And you have all helped make that possible!

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