Sunday, August 3, 2014

Space Marine Sternguard

At long last, I finally got my Sternguard assembled!  Just in time for a classic Crimson Fists versus Orks battle today!  I've had these Scibor Miniatures Spartan heads for over a year.  (Maybe two?)  And I figured about that long ago what I wanted to do for a heavy flamer model too.  Now it'll only be another 30 years or so until I get them painted up! 

The sternguard sergeant didn't turn out quite as nice as I'd hoped.  I used a Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard torso for him and a gladius-hilted power sword.  I'm not a huge fan of the big ammo hopper on the boltergun but wanted it to stand out as more than a standard issue weapon. (Might eventually cut that off.)  Overall, I do like the style but he looks too bulky.  Not as agile and sleek as I'd like.  I'll add the power pack on his back once I've painted the helmet crest.

For my heavy flamer specialist, I used the battle crazy head and gave him two-fisted flaming fury.  His right hand has a bit of a gangster kink in the wrist, making sure he spreads his fire around as wide and cocky as possible.  None of these pictures give us a good look, so I took a few shots.  He, too, isn't quite as impressive as I'd imagined, but maybe after I get some paint on them they'll smooth out.  


I've always wanted a way to make the Sternguard Vets stand out and now I have it.  Can't wait to see how many orks they down with their poison-tipped, flaming explosive ammo!  

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