Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Freedom! Short Story Paroled

My short story "Puppet Theatre" has just come off the Kindle Select chain gang.  I was lying in bed when I realized the date and so I had to jump up, hop in the car, and go pick it up from jail!

I just threw it back up on Smashwords and all its distributor channels, but it'll take days for it to get spread around again.

Part of my new writing philosophy in 2015 is to give the finger to the whole exclusion idea.  Amazon may be a giant, but it's a mistake to put all your eggs in that one basket (no matter how big that basket may be).  Unfortunately I was late to save my novel Tarnish from the Kindle Select jail cell--you have to activity UNclick the box or else it will automatically re-up for another 90 day round.  So Tarnish comes up for parole again in March.

I'll be waiting at the gates with flowers and a six pack.

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