Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Chance: Superheroes vs Zombies for only $0.99

Just a quick reminder that my new superhero novel for grown-ups is still up for pre-order until the end of the month, during which time you can snag the ebook for only 99 cents!  After February 1st it will go to it's natural price of $5.99, so this is a pretty good deal.  The paperback is also out now, generally for $13.99 (depending on the retailer, who might be offering it for less).  
Here's the blurb:
Superheroes. Undead. ‘Nuff said.

The country’s premier superhero team is missing. So when a mutant monstrosity goes on the rampage, it’s Spitball to the rescue! He’s a third-string hero today, determined to be first-string tomorrow. And the Army may be giving him just the chance he needs. Spitball has been invited to undertake a secret mission into America’s heartland. What he’s about to discover, however, is not a chance at stardom, but a horror movie come to life...

Hungry Gods is a fast-paced adventure of costumed superheroes, government conspiracy theories, and flesh-eating zombies.  

And here's where you can find it for "pre-order," which means you pay now and on January 31st it'll be delivered to your device or computer.  

If you read it, and you like (or even if you don't), I'd certainly appreciate it if you'd take a moment to post a review (on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, your blog, wherever) and let everyone know how fun (or disappointing?) it was!  Thank you.

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