Saturday, May 4, 2013

Selene, Chaos Champion of Sirens

The flavor of the week is Chaos Space Marines and here's a new build on an old favorite.  Can you guess who it is?  Probably not, because it has almost nothing to do with the original...

Twenty-plus years ago I was a devout of Khorne but these days I favor Slaanesh and Tzeentch much more than the god of berzerk bloodshed.  I plan to make my own Noise Marines, probably using Dark Eldar Warriors in that role as they are much more Slaaneshi in build and style -- plus they all have non-bolter weapons I can pass off as sonic blasters and such.  So to go along with this Choir of Sirens is Selene, immortal champion of Slaanesh (adapted Lucius the Eternal).  She is primarily made from a Dark Eldar Warrior female, plus Wych weapon arms (had to use the razorflail sword cuz it was the only right handed weapon arm i could find -- suits me fine, though), and a daemonette head and arm.  Yes, you're counting right, that's three arms.  I will likely do a purplesque armor shade (maybe purple with black trim or vice-versa?) and either green or blue as a secondary color on the hair and details.  

I have adapted Lucius's stats and rules as rephrased here...

Selene, Champion of Sirens
(Lucius the Eternal)

Special Rules:  Champion of Chaos, Fearless, I.C., Mark of Slaanesh, Veteran of the Long War (hates space marines)
War Gear:  power weapon, krak & frag grenades, power armor, Flail of Ecstasy, (doom siren)
Flail of Ecstasy:  This barbed and bladed flail hooks into Selene’s opponents, stimulating their nerves with terrible delight and rending flesh with ease.  All opponents in base contact with her have their Attacks reduced by 1 (minimum of 1).  All of Selene’s melee attacks also have the Shred special rule.
Perverse Perfection:  Selene enjoys playing with her prey before she devours it.  During a Challenge, her Attacks characteristic is equal to the Weapon Skill of her opponent.
Pleasure from Pain:  “The kiss of an enemy’s blade is to be savored, for it often provides you with a taste of his soul.”  Selene’s keen depravity allows her a chance to siphon away an enemy’s very lifeforce when she is stimulated just right.  Whenever she passes an Armor or Invuln Save in close combat, the unit (or model, if in a Challenge) that caused the wound automatically takes a S4 AP2 hit that Ignores Cover. 
Siren’s Song:  Her voice itself has over the centuries developed into a weapon.  Whether it be a sweet lullaby that sooths her prey into a coma or an organ-bursting shriek, Selene always counts as being armed with a Doom Siren. 
Dark Favor:  Selene has the Mark of Slaanesh and a 5+ Invuln Save, as well as being Fearless, as she’s already experienced every level of pain and pleasure imaginable. 
Selene’s Choir:  If this champion of sirens is included in your army, Slaaneshi Noise Marines become a Troops choice. 


  1. Man, what a nice character. She certainly look Slaaneshi and the DE bits help exemplify that. I kinda wish her sword was more Deamonic looking but otherwise an excellent conversion!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't my first choice of sword but it was literally the only right handed DE sword i could find and those bits are way small for dicing and splicing. but it still has a nice unique character about it. And actually, Lucius just has a normal power sword anyway, a dueling rapier or cutlass or somesuch. So it's all good.