Friday, May 17, 2013

Black Phoenix: Dark Eldar Beast Mistress Finally Finished!

I have revisited this model/idea a few times on this blog.  Well, I finally finished the unit!  At least this one Beast Master/Mistress -- I have at least one more to make and I have some Chaos Hounds to paint up for Khymera and a Reaper model Cyborg Gorilla I want to use for a Clawed Fiend.  (I also have an old school Warhammer hydra that would go well with the Clawed Fiend rules too--you know, cut off one head and two more come out to attack).

So the concept here is my Beast Mistress rides an animal instead of a skyboard, in this case a sleek mount of Slaanesh which looks agile and alien enough for my purposes.  The whole unit is "beast" type anyway, so this fits better for me.  And instead of a dumb flock of trained pigeons (razorwings), I have two bases of Gladiator Slaves.  Each base represents a small team of combat-drugged captives who have been savaged-up in the arena and are now ready for the battlefield.

As usual I get a little camera crazy and have a hard time deciding which pics to cut, so I have a couple taken in the sunlight and a couple by bathroom light.  Each offers it's own valuable insight.  Enjoy.


  1. Super rad! I really like the woad you painted on the mohawk guy's face.

    1. I'm not sure what a "woad" is but i'm guessing it's that little stripe going across his eyes. Thanks, J!