Friday, May 24, 2013

RA REVISED: my Maugan Ra make-over

In preparation for the new Eldar Codex and in imagining what fate might befall the new Phoenix Lords, I decided to spruce up my Ra, who is probably my favorite of the PLs (Asurmen and Karandras being my other two, though I pretty much like them all).  It seems to me every Eldar player does something different than I do -- I'm a big aspect warrior guy and I prefer using Phoenix Lords to Farseers.  Most Eldar players I see use a lot of guardians, wraith-types, and tanks with Farseers leading...  Boring.  C'mon, live a little!  Get some variety in there!  (But that's just my opinion.)

Anyway, the paint job I had on Ra before I liked, but I wanted it to pop a little more.  So the main additions I made here were just highlights.  I wanted a little more red between the ribs and more highlights on the bones.  So that's what I've done.  My bone coloring was pretty rotten flesh-like before, and I still haven't gone pure white.  I mixed equal parts of white and flesh tone for what I consider to be a nice bone color.  By the time I was done I repainted or touched up just about everything on the model, including the big executioner blade. I wanted a red glow for it too but couldn't get that to come out, so it's the only pure white thing about him.  And what could be purer than Death's unbiased blade, after all?

As for the new codex rules on the Phoenix Lords, I can only speculate.  So I will.

I've heard "most" of the PLs have been stripped of their Eternal Warrior status.  It seems like 6th Ed is thinning out that immortal crowd quite a bit.  Not even Daemon Princes are eternal warriors anymore, which is a disservice to their nature.  But I'm guessing that maybe Asurmen is the only EW left among the PLs (due to his Battle Fate rule). 

I'm hoping the PLs all get an Invuln save now (what other 200 pt HQ choice doesn't?  none, just the poor downtrodden Eldar...).  So I'm guessing Ra's save is now 2+/5++.  He used to have Acute Senses in the 5th ed sense, which meant he could reroll Night Fighting range, and now means he can reroll to Outflank.  So when they changed what Acute Senses is and GW put out the new 6th ed codex changes, did they logically change Ra's ability to Night Vision?  No, of course not.  So as it stands, Ra could be sneakier if he had outflank, but he doesn't, so... Acute Senses don't help him none.  So what I'm saying is, I expect Nightvision at the least.  I'd like to see him and his Reapers get Skyfire as needed, and I'm hoping the Executioner blades will be S+2 AP2 but still not Unwieldy due to their huge but agile-Eldar nature.  I'd also like to see the Maugatar be a little more killy than your typical shuriken cannon. (Was this more rant than prediction...?)

And I'll stop there.  I could rewrite the whole damn codex myself but I don't need to do that again (click here to see my other suggestions).  Suffice to say that my Ra has had a minor face lift and is readying to take to the battlefield once again. 

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