Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Superhero EBooks

I considered calling this the "Blackest Friday" sale, just to put some over-the-top dramatic spin on it, but decided that was too much.  (We get enough exaggerated crap fed to us as it is, don't we?)  But I do keep changing the name of this sale.
That's because it's good for all seasons!  Election building, victories and woes, and now Christmas shopping season.  Which itself gets more and more exaggerated and out of control every year.  Now they say Black Friday is leaking into Thursday, Wednesday, all over the damn place.  Pretty soon it'll be Black November!  And the All-Hallows-Eve Discount Zombie-a-Thon!  And then Non-Denominational Shopping Frenzy September!
Makes me tired just thinking about it.  But the point is:
For a limited time
(and already there, you don't have to wait till Friday),
(Unless it’s free, and some of them are!)
You can find them all on Amazon and anywhere else you find books!  Try these links, and if you’re fave spot is not one of these big ones, try the Fugitive Fiction button farm or your favorite web-dimension directly.  (Be aware that some websites may be slower to catch up to the price change than others.)
Treat them like Christmas presents: grab as many as you can, then forget about half of them by New Years!
And once you've read these books, if you don't mind, spend a couple of minutes tracing back where you found it and leave a quick review.  Or you could drop one on Goodreads.  Good or bad, a review is great for your fellow readers, and for your author too!
Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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