Thursday, November 10, 2016

The End of Circus Sale: 99-Cent Ebooks

I originally (just days ago) called this the "End of Civilization" sale, before the actual election results.  
Now, in the aftermath of the election, you may or may not think that first title is appropriate.  Either way, I prefer not to offend anyone's political sensibilities.  
But we can all agree that no matter who you voted for, we're all just really damn glad the Most Ridiculous Show on Earth is finally over!  So I'm changing the name, but not the deal.
From now until the end of the year,
(Unless it’s already free, and a few are!)
You can find them all on Amazon and anywhere else you find books!  Try these links, and if you’re fave spot is not one of these big ones, try the Fugitive Fiction button farm or your favorite web-dimension directly.  (Be aware that some websites may be slower to catch up to the price change than others.)
Treat them like Pokemon: collect them all while they're cheap!  And once you've read them, if you don't mind, spend a couple of minutes tracing back where you found it and leave a quick review.  Or you could drop one on Goodreads.  Good or bad, a review is great for your fellow readers, and for the author too! 

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